How to Throw A Filthy Changeup

A Step-by-Step Progression to Teach You an Outstanding Changeup

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You want to strike out more hitters...right?

Impress that scout in the stands?

Reach the next level?

Extend your career?

You Need a GREAT Changeup.

I Can Show You How...

Well, if your changeup is a can do exactly that.

I'll show you how to develop your changeup into a strikeout weapon in my course, including:

1. The grip and hand action
2. The physics of the changeup - how it flies and why it's slower
3. How to produce consistent tailing, sinking movement
4. The best progression of drills to learn and maintain progress
5. A visual flow of how the drills, feedback, and repetition work together
6. Tons of tutorials on how, where and when to throw it
Much more!

7. Don't waste more time tinkering and hoping your changeup improves.

πŸ‘‰It's NOT just the gripπŸ‘ˆ

It's the process, and I'll walk you through it step-by-step.

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Your Instructor

Dan Blewett
Dan Blewett

I'm a former professional pitcher and specialize in pitching, throwing and strength training for baseball and softball players.

This amazing video course will get you up to speed in just a few short lessons.

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