How to Throw A Hammer Curveball

Learn the Way Pros Throw Tight, Sharp, Consistently Hard-Breaking Curveballs

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The Tools To Build Your Own Swing-and-Miss Curveball

Most pitchers don't know how to throw a curveball properly, and don't get nearly the swings and misses that they should.

Every pitcher needs a strikeout pitch, and I can show you how to mold your curveball into exactly that:

In This Course You'll Learn

  1. The grip and hand action
  2. The physics of the curveball - how it flies, how hard it should be, and why it breaks the way it does.
  3. How to produce consistent shape, break and bite
  4. The best drills for learning it
  5. A learning progression you can use right away
  6. A visual flow of how the drills, feedback, and repetition work together
  7. Everything you need to know, but your local coach may not know how to teach you.

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Your Instructor

Dan Blewett
Dan Blewett

I'm a former professional pitcher and specialize in pitching, throwing and strength training for baseball and softball players.

Course Curriculum

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