How to Throw a Heavy Sinker

Learn Everything You Need to Throw a Double-Play Inducing Sinker

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Learn How to Throw an Amazing Sinker

The four-seam fastball is the foundation for any aspiring pitcher, as every pitcher needs to learn how to command the strike zone.


Once a pitcher can reliably throw strikes...the more movement on his fastball, the better.


In This Sinker Course You'll Learn:

  1. The grip and hand action
  2. The physics of the sinker - why it sinks and moves away to opposite-handed hitters
  3. How to produce consistent sinking movement
  4. The best drills for learning it
  5. A learning progress you can use right away
  6. Much more!

Your Instructor

Dan Blewett
Dan Blewett

I'm a former professional pitcher and specialize in pitching, throwing and strength training for baseball and softball players.

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This course will teach you everything you need to start improving your sinker immediately.

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